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Choosing Love over Fear



Choose what will motivate you in life as a whole. The option of choosing love over fear is present in nearly everything you think, say, and do. You know the difference, can feel it immediately, and see its resounding impact if you allow your decision to be rooted in love or fear.


Will it be Love or Fear that sets you apart in this lifetime? If you choose poorly then you’ll end up preyed upon and easily manipulated by what others say and how society wants you to live. Before you know it, you’ll look back on your life full of regrets and with feelings of disappointment about what you could’ve done differently. So, take a closer look at what’s your driving force, what’s motivating you in life. Because, it takes clarity, presence, and a deep connection with your highest self in order to understand this fear, when it arises within your mind, and its role in your life.


In truth, choosing love over fear is a key part in all of our lives, to feel centered, grounded, and peaceful. You just don’t always realize it, as you get off-track, stop tuning-in, or feel like you’re not worthy enough to do it. You are. And once you start choosing love over fear, I guarantee your world will become infinitely more safe, loving, and open. As a result, you can do what your heart most desires and grow more into the person you’ve always wanted to be. All it takes is an open heart, a willing mind, and the desire to feel more love and act upon it with all your decisions in life.


This new way of thinking won’t be easy, so be prepared to struggle. And that’s okay. Know that it’s a moment-to-moment every day kind of thing that requires you to consistently show up. You learn the most about ourselves and push yourself to grow when we go through bumps along the road. The thing is when we choose love over fear the road is smoother, faith keeps you going, and you choose to see your pain, discomfort, and struggles through a lens of light, love, and growth instead of darkness, fear, and staying stuck.


Love is about opening yourself up to all of life’s possibilities. Allow yourself to see the world with new eyes. Fear incarcerates, but love liberates.


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