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One on One Yoga Class

Build a strong balanced body through the practice of yoga. Clear your mind, open your heart, warm your spirit in pose that runs balance through your body.

Duration: 60 - 90 Minutes
Combination Packages available
(Check Packages page)
Price: One Session - $150
           10 Pack - $1,275
           20 Pack - $2,400

One on One Meditation

Sense of self for a healthy life begins with a clear mind. Find peace and calmness in the practice of meditation to enter each day with gratitude.

Duration: 30 Minutes
Combination Packages available
(Check Packages page)
Price:  One Session - $50
             10 Pack - $450
             20 Pack - $800

Nutritional Guidance

What we put into our body is just as important as how we treat our body. Nutrition can effect your mindset and energy, feed your body only healthy whole foods.

Price:  One Week - $100
             1 Month -  $350
             3 Month - $1,000
             6 Month - $1,800
Nutritional Guidance comes as a full meal plan provided. No meal plan is one size fits all but A New Breath tailors your meal plan to you. 
Prices vary after that depending on length & any special accommodations.
Macro, & Micronutrient assessments are also available upon request.

Health & Wholeness Support

Healthy habits build strong mental a physical capabilities. When you are one with yourself, your spirit is whole and your life will thrive.

Price:  One Month - $400
             3 Month - $1,100
             6 Month - $2,100
In person and online sessions available.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message:
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