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You Are Entitled To Your Feelings



We all have feelings. We all experience feelings. We all go through feelings. We all feel things.


Within the course of our daily lives, situations arise that bring about certain types of feelings. We feel something that is a direct reaction to an emotion that surfaced as a response to an external stimuli. To us, the individual, those feelings are real. If another person tells you that you shouldn’t feel this way, that you shouldn’t be feeling your own feelings, then what is that really saying about you? In my opinion, it’s telling you that the feelings that you’re experiencing, the feelings that you are feeling, are not valid. These feelings are not real.


How can somebody else tell you how to feel? Well, the short and simple answer to that question is: They can’t. Feelings are very personal and very unique to the individual, so no one can tell you how to feel or that how you are feeling is right or wrong.


You see, that decision, that realization, is solely on the individual feeling those feelings. It’s a very personal experience, which makes this journey of self-discovery a very intimate process. It’s really about being consciously aware and mindful, not just of your own person journey of your feelings, but if you’re with someone else, their personal journey through their feelings. When it’s you feeling these feelings, try to really turn inward and see all the feelings that you’re having that are connected to the situation or event that just happened. Really try to understand if certain feelings are warranted or not.


Identify each feeling and try to comprehend if there’s an acceptable relationship with the situation, event, or person that was the main catalyst. Regardless of how many feelings you think you’re feeling, you’re allowed to feel all the feelings; you always have the right to do so. However, it is up to you, and only you, to figure out which feelings are warranted and the ones that do not serve you. The more you engage in this type of self-reflection, the easier it will be to recognize how you truly feel. You will be able to trust your feelings, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you.


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