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It's Okay To Pivot

I used to think it was bad to change your mind. I would always worry about what other people would think when I decided to do something different.

Even uttering the words, “I changed my mind”, can seem so unacceptable. That sentence is short but, it holds a lot of meaning. And, if you’re like most people, it also carries a lot of shame and regret. It’s true, there’s a healthy dose of guilt that accompanies a sudden shift in your path. This indisputable feeling that if you were just a little smarter, better-informed, or more prepared, you could’ve avoid this “mess” to begin with.


You know what? We all do this at some point in our lives. Whether it’s something as simple as backing out on plans or something as major as completely switching careers, we tend to beat ourselves up over the fact that we’ve had a total change of heart. Because, if you really think about it, you put in time and effort only to decide to go in a different direction, and that can bring about an immense amount of self-loathing.


But, I want to challenge this idea. I want to challenge that chaining your mind, pivoting in a new direction, should be deemed some sort of mistake or sin. That it’s this distasteful behavior or characteristic that immediately makes you careless, unreliable, or a flake.


I have a much different way of describing someone who has the guts to change course. Instead of those negative adjectives, I’d use words like brave, self-aware, and constantly evolving to become aligned to their truest self and their purest passions. Without a doubt, making big changes can be scary. But, it’s extremely important to realize that sticking with something, especially if you’re being pulled to do something different, doesn’t make you dedicated or committed. It actually makes you stuck.


Be brutally honest with yourself. If you feel like trying something new, then try something new. Having the courage to put yourself out there and change your mind is not for the faint of heart. So, be brave and willing to take that leap, trust your heart, and do what makes you happy.


Remember, it’s your life to live.

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