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🌻Time of Renewal and New Beginnings🌻

I know it’s not just me, but the last days of winter can sometimes feel a little rocky, somewhat challenging, and provide us time for personal examination. The energy starting to shift from an inward-focus to outwardly-focused can make you feel a bit off-kilter, right?


Therefore, it’s time to implement changes that are essential for you to grow, evolve, and flourish. But at the same time, these shifts, transitions, and adjustments can really disrupt your sense of equilibrium during the last stages of winter. With the Spring Equinox, the Earth is returning to a place of perfect balance. Days and nights are equal in length, the light and dark share the same duration, and this can truly allow you to embrace some much needed balance in your own life.


Remember, everything is coming alive. Nature is waking up and being reborn all around us. And the same thing is happening within you. Your spirit is coming alive with hopeful, excited energy. Parts of you are being reborn and coming alive in ways that you’ve never experienced before. That’s because Spring represents a new day and dawn in the wheel of the year. A new sun is rising. Life is waking up in the warm sunlight and your spirit feels ready to make a fresh start.


And with this fresh start, I’m sure so many new ideas are calling out to you. What excites you right now? What are you interested in? What are you drawn toward? Approach your daydreams & new ideas with a child-like spirit and if’s calling you, then go for it! Because this is the season of illumination. Spring brings clarity, which is a perfect time for you to get really clear and focused on what you want to see grow in your life and what you want to harvest. But, in order to gain this clarity, you need to lean in to what’s calling you.


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