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Exploration is the Lifeblood of the Human Condition

Piazza De Ferrari is the main square of Genoa. Situated in the heart of the city between the historical and the modern center, Piazza De Ferrari is renowned for its fountain, which was restored in recent years along with a major restyling of the square.

When we think of exploring, many of us think it requires traveling to a distant land and totally immersing yourself in a foreign culture. You wouldn’t be wrong to think that, but at the same time, you wouldn’t be completely right either.


You see, the idea of exploration doesn’t have to be exclusive to traveling and being exposed to the external world. And if you allow yourself to succumb to this mindset, then you will literally deprive yourself of a tremendous amount of growth and evolution. Because, in addition to exploring the external world, there is an entire internal world within you that is need of serious consideration.


When I talk about the internal world, I’m referring to your thoughts, belief systems and mindset. The internal world consists of thoughts that you think about yourself, but also thoughts and beliefs you may have about others and the world around you. If you think about it, the state of your internal world has an impact on every area of your life, including the relationships you find yourself in, the choices you make for yourself professionally and even your relationship with food.


Don’t be afraid of going within to your internal world and thoughts, instead look at it as the beginning of an exciting process. One of the most amazing things about your internal world is that it is something that you have control over. You can craft it, shape it, and cultivate whatever you desire in order to learn more about yourself and create a happier place to live from.


Remember, that everyone has an internal world that nobody, I mean nobody else can see or understand. It can be an incredibly powerful and magical place to discover and to be in, especially when the proper time is dedicated towards it. And once you truly give yourself the time, space, and energy to explore and make sense of it, you can begin to believe in yourself and see your limitless potential.


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