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Smile As Much As You Can

I try to smile as much as possible every single day. Now, I know that this luxury isn’t accessible to everyone because they may dealing with something. And for those people, I hope that their days get easier, their troubles start to lessen, and they finally feel like they can start to breathe again.


Because I’ve been there before. I felt like I was drowning and was screaming for a life preserver, but no one heard me. What I failed to realize was that my cries for help weren’t for anyone else to acknowledge. My problems couldn’t be solved by anybody but myself.


Once this became apparent to me and I accepted my situation, I was able to start the work on myself. And that journey was not easy. It was littered with traumas, pain, and past regrets that I willingly allowed to haunt me in the present. The difference today is that even though I recognize all of this darkness from my past, I no longer give it power to effect how I act, talk, feel, or behave.


I have freed myself from the self-inflicted bondages that kept me trapped. That is why I smile as much as I can today because it represents much more than just a facial gesture to me. It’s fueled by the pain and suffering I went through to get here. It’s fueled by the tremendous amount of work I did on myself to get here. It’s fueled by the faith and trust I had in myself to get here.


And because of that, I will never ever let anyone take my smile away from me.

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