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You Can't Keep It, Unless You Give It Away

Everybody has something to offer. We may not realize or be fully aware of this concept, but it’s 100% true. These offerings can come in the form of someone’s presence, advice or words, or the actions that someone carries out. But we need to be careful because they can be both positive or negative and it is up to us, the individual, to decipher when an offering (what someone may offer us) is beneficial or potentially harmful.

I would hope that people don’t feel the need to offer anything that can be viewed as negative. Having said that, I know that I can only control what and how I present offerings to others. I strive to always offer positive vibrations, words, and actions on a daily basis. My delivery might not always be perfect, but I know I dedicate my efforts to consciously be better than I was the day, hour, or minute before.

Being able to offer my services to others, whether it’s my presence, words, or actions, is something that is extremely important to me. I know that I can’t keep it, unless I give it away. Which means that I can’t keep the happiness, the joy, the freedom, the inner peace that I’ve accumulated over time unless I share it, or give it away to others. It would be quite selfish of me to hold on to these gifts and not allow anyone else to benefit from them. So, if you have something to offer or share, then offer it. Share it. You never know how your presence may affect someone, how your words might make them smile, or how your actions could restore their faith in humanity.

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