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Don't Let a Bad Day Turn into a Bad Moment

Don’t let a bad moment turn into a bad day.

Each day is comprised of 86,400 seconds. If a moment lasts as long as a second or two, then we have the possibility of experiencing tens of thousands of moments each and every day. Within each of these moments, there are two potential options: something positive occurs or something negative occurs. No matter how hard we try to avoid or escape certain moments during our day, they are bound to happen; it’s quite inevitable.

When we experience a positive or negative moment, we need to understand that it’s fleeting. Many times throughout the course of our day, we let these moments consume us. We fail to acknowledge the fact that past moments are gone and there is no way of bringing them back to the present. Instead, we should really focus on not devoting any of our energy to these moments or allowing ourselves to become attached to them.

When we end up giving those moments our attention, we take ourselves out of the present. It can happen with both positive and negative moments, so why can it seem much easier for us to give those negative moments permission to ruin our day? Holding on to those negative or bad moments can give us a false sense of security because we think we are in control, but in reality, it’s that moment that has control over us. We need to recognize that it’s just a moment and we are the only ones that can give it the power to carry over into the rest of our day. So, be mindful and aware of each moment during the day, especially when it can potentially become toxic and sabotage each moment thereafter.

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