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Aura: Human Energy Field

“The vital force is not enclosed in man but radiates within and around him like a luminous sphere. It may poison the essence of life and create disease, or it may purify and restore the health.” - Paracelsus

This force or energy can also be called an aura or human energy field, which is like the second skin of the body. This second skin is the boundary between your personal energy system and the energy of your environment; an illuminated wrap of life-force medicine; and a subtle nervous system receiving and sending energy messages.

When you have a positive mindset, feel healthy, self-confident, calm, and grounded, your aura is clean and healthy. When you have a negative mindset, feel sick, depressed, sad, or unsure of yourself, your aura needs cleansing.

The totality of who we are is broadcasted to the world through the aura that radiates out from us, even though most individuals do not see this around themselves and others. And if we desire to increase the beauty, intensity and size of our aura, it will certainly happen as we focus more and more on all that is positive, kind, compassionate, forgiving, just and loving.

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