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Removing What Does Not Serve You

As we go through life, we all embark on this process of accumulation. Whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, we tend to collect things in the form of materials, relationships, and even thoughts. The older we get, the more things we accumulate. The more we accumulate, the more overwhelming it can become and almost feel as if we are suffocating or drowning.

At this point we have a choice; remember, we always have a choice. We can continue down this path of self-destruction accompanied by self-sabotaging decisions OR we can choose to take a brutally honest inventory of what does not serve us anymore. Once we realize what they are, we can begin to remove them, one by one. The toughest part isn’t just deciding what needs to be purged from our lives, but the actual action of doing so.

Materials are all inanimate objects and don’t have any feelings, despite the deep connections or attachments we may create with them. Once that sense of attachment is dissolved, getting rid of materials that do not serve us anymore become much easier. The same goes for the thoughts, ideas, or opinions we have floating around in our heads. Over the years, we become conditioned to think a certain way, even though it may not be beneficial to our overall health and well-being. These deep-seated attachments cannot be easily broken because many of us identify with those thoughts; we feel as if they are a part of us, when in reality they are usually just a fabrication of our imagination.

The toughest challenge lies with removal of people in our lives that do not serve us anymore, especially if it’s someone who is a close to us. We accumulate many relationships throughout our lives and when we become conscious of the ones that serve us, or help us grow, and the ones that don’t, which are holding us back or limiting our growth, we have a choice to make. Do we continue to allow these toxic people to derail our growth and evolution or do we allow ourselves the opportunity to experience true happiness and inner peace. This, by no means, is an easy task to take on. But, it is a necessary and vital step if we want to grow and evolve and live a happier, more meaningful life.

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