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The message is hope, the promise of freedom.

When people hear the word, freedom, they usually think about it in terms of the physical body. If someone isn’t physically free, they are most likely in jail, prison, or in some type of institution that restricts them from leaving. This means they are not allowed to physically remove themselves from this place.

But, there are still two other lenses that we can use to view this concept of freedom; mental and emotional. Just like physical freedom, if someone doesn’t have mental and emotional freedom, then they will limit or restrain themselves from thinking and feeling freely. More often than not, we have the habit of giving other people the opportunity to control us through their words, thoughts, and actions. This may even oppose everything we believe in, but because we aren’t strong in our own truths, we allow them to dictate how we think and feel. We inhibit our own mental and emotional freedom. We put ourselves into a mental and emotion prison. Sometimes this isn’t even a product of another person, but caused by our own self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Regardless, when this happens, we feel like there is no way out. But, unlike a physical prison for the most part, these mental and emotional prisons we create in our own minds, are escapable. We can break free. It is up to us to understand these walls, barriers, or obstacles that we create within our own selves. Upon this realization, we can start the process of breaking down these walls, allowing us to start this process of growth, evolution, and self-love.

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