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Attachments & Letting Go

Why do we become so attached, so emotionally attached, to inanimate objects in our lives?

We give these material things such control, such power, over how we think and especially how we feel. Yet, they aren’t real. They may provide us temporary comfort or joy, but that will come at the expense of true happiness and inner peace.

For so long, I would acquire things, material things, that I thought would make me feel happy and whole. At some point, I realized that I just had all of this stuff. Whether it was clothes, jewelry, headphones, or some other materialistic thing, I had more than I truly needed to “get by”.

I knew I had to let go, but letting go is not that simple. You have to ask yourself: Does this object hold any value to me? Does it serve any purpose in my life? If you answer no to these questions, then it’s time to let go. It may feel like easier said than done, but once I started to break those emotional attachments to certain materials in my life, letting go was so much easier. I was able to completely rid myself of so much excess baggage, literally and figuratively. I am living proof that letting go does work and that it helps you grow in all aspects of your life.

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