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We believe that each and every one of you deserves a chance to better yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This holistic approach acknowledges these four “bodies” allowing you to work towards creating a balance one day at a time. 


At A New Breath, this philosophy will be our driving force when providing you with the necessary tools and opportunities to be the best version of yourself.  Whether you prefer a more relaxing class that is hyper-focused on your breathing or a physically demanding one that makes you sweat, there is something here for you.  We offer several different types of Yoga classes, as well as Guided Meditation and other movement-based fitness modalities. In addition, nutritional counseling and other wellness-related services will be available. 


Remember that regardless of your current physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual state, there is a place here for you. 

No experience required. Just open minds & hearts.


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