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You Get What You Deserve

This phrase is usually uttered with a negative undertone as a direct response to something someone did that warranted a certain outcome. For example, if a person does something wrong, immoral, or unethical, and then something bad happens to them, they might think that they are “getting what they deserve”. They may even use the word karma in this context and really think that one thing had a direct connection with the other. Personally, I don’t believe karma works like that. I do not subscribe to the notion that God or the universe would be that petty and keep tabs on us in this “tit for tat” fashion.


What I do subscribe to is the duality of this phrase: you get what you deserve. We all have a fairly good understanding surrounding the negative subtext attached to it, but what about the positive association? Can’t “getting what you deserve” mean you are receiving something positive in your life, something that makes you happy, something that makes your soul smile? Yes, it can. And, since it can be perceived in both a positive and negative light, it’s easier to grasp the belief that a duality or dual meaning can be applied to “getting what you deserve”.


As a result, there is no fundamental difference between the concept that if you do something good, something good will happen and if you do something bad, then something bad will happen. This philosophy puts the onus on the action when I think the focus should be more so on the motives driving these actions. Therefore, it’s not so much the actual action but the “why” behind it. Why did you do something? Why do you constantly do things that are not in line with your moral compass? Why do you choose to carry out good deeds on a regular basis? It’s these questions, these “why’s” that are the driving force behind the phrase: you get what you deserve.


Being able to truly comprehend and internalize this new and fresh perspective can absolutely shift your mindset. Remind yourself that your thoughts are just thoughts and we, the individual, can use them to manifest positive or negative life experiences.


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