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We Are Not Monolithic Beings


Society loves to put each and every one of us in a category. It’s easier for them to create infighting, divide us into groups, and keep us from mobilizing as one cohesive unit. And to be honest, they do a pretty good job of that at times, but now more than ever, it has to stop.


But, to carry out this critical endeavor, it’s going to take a concerted effort by all of us to understand that we are NOT monolithic beings, meaning we are NOT just one thing. We don’t have to have one opinion, one quality, or a single perspective and be defined by JUST that. For example, it’s okay to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. It’s okay to be anti-racism and support the good cops who truly protect and serve with EVERYONES best interests at heart. And, it’s okay to celebrate accomplishments and success in your life and also hold space for all the tragedies, injustices, and inequalities facing our country right now.


We are all dynamic individuals with the capacity and intelligence to zoom out and see the bigger picture, but we can get caught up in the possible judgmental rhetoric of others. That mindset can no longer be your guiding force because it doesn’t serve the greater good of humanity. Coming to this realization is how, as a collective, we can create meaningful change and replace old, antiquated ideas with new, more progressive ones.


Remember, the powers that be want us to label everyone else based on one idea or construct, but we know deep down in our hearts, that this thought process isn’t how we move forward. We know that each one of us offers something unique, something special, something that can’t be put put into one category. The sooner we recognize this power within us, the sooner we can come together as one and change the world.


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