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The Miracle of Waking Up

Sayulita Beach, Nayarit, Mexico. January 2018.

If you woke up this morning, then the miracle has already happened. You see, not everybody is as fortunate as you or me to have even woken up today. Therefore, you have to treat each moment since you opened up our eyes with such care and with such love as to not waste that miracle; as to not waste that huge miracle of waking up.

A lot of people, myself included, have either taken for granted, or to this day, take for granted the act of waking up. People may view this as, just “getting up” or just “waking up”. With this kind of perspective, the act of waking up in the morning is seen with such simplicity that you may brush it off as inevitable. But, guess what? It’s not. This simple act is actually not that simple. The act of waking up in the morning is extremely complex and should be cherished and not perceived as predictable.

If you think about it, I mean truly think about it, what takes place before you wake up in the morning? At first, you fall asleep for a certain amount of time over the course of the night. Then, at some point your brain starts to come out of the subconscious, it slowly transitions into the conscious, and eventually causes your eyes to open.. Now, I know this isn’t the most scientific explanation and many more sophisticated processes and parts are at play, but that’s my point. I am reducing such a multifaceted concept down into one or two sentences, which doesn’t really communicate how many things have to perfectly line up for each one of us to wake up.

So what needs to be done? You have to shift your mindset and mentality around the act of waking up. No longer can you view it as such a simple occurrence, but more along the lines of something that is so complex that it’s downright divine. Once you create this shift and embrace waking up as a miracle in itself, then you can allow yourself to become grateful for each moment that comes into fruition subsequent to that miracle.

As a result, you will stop wasting your time during the day on things that don’t serve you, that don’t make you happy, that don’t make your heart smile. Even if it starts off as a few instances a day where you consciously choose to devote your time towards something you’re passionate about, it should be seen as progress. It’s moving in the right direction, as opposed to staying stuck, as opposed to staying stagnant.

So the next time you wake up, God willing, just say “thank you” as soon as you open up your eyes. Acknowledge to whomever you regard as your Higher Power that you’re grateful for waking up that morning. By saying those two words, “thank you”, you are showing your unconditional appreciation for being alive and being fortunate enough to wake up out of your sleep state. You will carry a greater sense of purpose with you during each and every moment of each and every day. And that’s when that shift really starts to take place. You may still resort to old thinking and habits and find yourself wasting some of your time. You’ve done it for so long that it’s mostly likely second nature. But, deep down, you know that to be truly happy, to be truly joyous, and to be truly free, you have to do things that you love and are passionate about.

Always try to remember to be grateful for waking up because it’s not promised for everybody. So, if you woke up this morning, then it’s a miracle. If you woke up this morning, you are the miracle. Don’t waste that miracle. Embrace that miracle.

“Do you think to give thanks for your arms and your legs? Your eyes and ears? In those

moments as you come out of the sleep state, acknowledge how wonderful is this vehicle the Creator manufactured for you to use during your visit to planet Earth.”

- Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga: The flow of Eternal Power

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