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Sometimes All You Can Do is Look Back and Smile

Sometimes all you can do is look back and smile.

What’s done is done. Because no matter how hard you try, focus, or concentrate, it is impossible to alter your past. Even when you fully understand this iron-clad concept, many of us (including myself), will still give it our best shot to recreate, rewrite, or revise something that has already transpired.


So, instead of dedicating so much energy and space to the past, use it for the present moment, which is exactly where you are. Use it to come to terms with what’s already truly done and then try to find any silver linings that may exist. But, to be honest, there may be none you can think of and that really f*cking sucks. And it hurts. And it feels like there is absolutely no way to get past your past, but there has to be light at the end of that tunnel.


And I’m not here to tell you that you will ever get over what you may have went through because each and everyone of us has our own lived experiences. I truly hope that you can find solace and make peace with whatever may be troubling you in this moment that stems from your past. Because we all deserve to live a life that is happy, joyous, and free and that includes being able to smile right now. That includes being able to smile about what the future holds. And that certainly includes being able to smile about everything that may have happened in the past.


Is that something you think you can do? You don’t have to answer right now, but keep asking yourself that question as much as possible. Because one day, when the time is right for you, I hope you allow yourself to forgive, to heal, and to move on with your life. I also hope you reclaim any happiness, any joy, any bliss that may have been taken from you without your permission.


That was, and always will be, yours to possess. And from that moment on, when you’ve been reintroduced to what was always rightfully yours, never ever allow anyone or anything to take it away from you. You know why? Because you worked too damn hard to bring it back into your life and you should be proud of yourself for that.

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