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We all use different labels to describe certain aspects of our lives. If you don’t eat any animal-based products, then you are considered a vegan. If you have certain politics beliefs, then you may be considered a Democrat or Republican. These are just two examples, but the amount of labels that our society uses is endless.

Why do we use these types of labels? In my opinion, labels are not telling the entire story or giving us the full picture of a certain person. They seem to give us the ability to grasp and understand them, but by using this label we may actually limit ourselves from diving deeper and really getting to know this person and their principles.

Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by this way of thinking, this pitfall or trap that has been strategically designed by society. Go against the norms. Go against what we’ve been conditioned to think and allow yourself to see beyond a label that is filled with surface level descriptions. Have an inquisitive mindset and use those curiosities to spark the conversations that can lead to a more genuine connection.

We are all way more than just a label. We are complex beings that embody a variety of characteristics and qualities that make each one of us unique. Acknowledge that uniqueness by embracing all that allows us to be one of a kind.

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