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Known Hells Are Preferred to Strange Heavens

Think about this. I mean, really think about it. Some people would choose to experience hell because it’s something they are used to and comfortable with rather than venturing into the unknown. Even if that unknown could end up being heavenly, blissful, and aligned with your true passion.


And this goes from everything in life. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or a bad habit, people willingly put themselves through unhealthy routines because it’s familiar to them.


Remember that heaven is a place on earth. So is hell. Where are choosing to be today? It might be controversial or unpopular to say that staying in hell is a choice, but sometimes I truly think it is. Sometimes it’s not. You have a choice. You are choosing right now. You are reading this for a reason. What do you need to choose next? Do you dare to go into the unknown?


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