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I Open My Heart to it All

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I open my heart to it all.

In my humble opinion, I truly believe that allowing yourself to open up is one of the keys to living a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. Does that mean you will only experience happiness, success, and fulfillment at every twist and turn on your path? Absolutely not. I wouldn’t try to sell you on something that is nowhere near the truth.


And at the same time, I’m not here to sugarcoat anything at all. You are going to go through some tough times, some serious times, some situations and circumstances that are going to leave you feeling pain, anger, frustration, and anxiety. We all are. And if you are reading this thinking that you can’t identify with what I’m saying, just wait. My intentions are by no means to try to scare you or make you afraid to live, rather it’s me trying to prepare you for everything life has to offer, both good and bad. Positive and negative. Ups and downs. Successes and failures.


But, there is only one way to reach this mindset and shift your overall perspective and that’s by giving yourself permission to open your heart. Then, and only then, will you receive anything and everything you deserve in this life. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Don’t get in your own way. Instead show up for life and give yourself a chance to live your life to the fullest. No matter what.


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