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Fear of Rejection

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Many of us live in this constant state of fear, regardless of the gravity of the situation. We are afraid to pursue something that we truly want, because we have this fear. This is a fear of rejection. We have this idea built up in our minds that if we are “rejected”, then it has something to do with us - it’s personal. We feel like we have been rejected because of who we are rather than the idea, opinion, or perspective that we offered.

Therefore, we have to learn and truly understand that there should be a separation between the two: the person and their idea, opinion, perspective, or thought. Once we recognize this, we take ourselves out of harm’s way. We no longer associate this rejection as a personal attack on who we are as an individual.

This new found mindset or outlook will allow us to free ourselves from that fear of being rejected. We never have to worry or be concerned if someone tells us “no” or rejects something we propose. That offers us freedom from any anticipated or projected negative outcomes. We realize that whatever happens, it’s not a reflection on who we are. As a result, it removes that fear element from your mentality and provides us more confidence, more self-esteem when approaching a situation where the outcome is unpredictable. So, shoot your shot. The worst thing that someone can say is “no” and if that’s the worst thing happening to us that day, then we’re having a great day. So, smile.

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