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Expectations are a strong belief that something will happen in the future. We expect that it will transpire according to what we think is right and how it should precisely unfold. Having these expectations, or assumptions, create these imaginary conclusions or results that may never come to fruition. But, when we manufacture these expected or assumed conclusions we are usually let down and left disappointed.

This is due to the fact that these expectations are so high. We think, or convince ourselves, that everyone should and will handle certain situations the same way that we would. It may not even be their fault. We created that expectation on our own, and if they fall short, we feel upset, frustrated or annoyed. This doesn’t mean we should set the bar low or expect nothing out of people. Rather, we have to learn to allow things to happen without us trying to control the outcome.

We have to understand that things will happen and people will act as they wish. We cannot control the outcomes, for the most part. What we can control is how we act and react to those situations and the actions of others. No one is me, but me. No one is you, but you. So we have to truly recognize that everyone handles things differently and sometimes circumstances deviate from what we expected. When we come to terms with this concept, life becomes much easier to navigate because we free ourselves from the bondages generated from expectations and assumptions.

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