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Carry The Message, Not The Person

For quite some time, I needed help. I needed to change my life and the way I was living. I can remember to this day, so many people around me that tried to show me the way, but I was never responsive to their help. One day, I finally made the decision to get some help, and these memories came flooding back of what these people said to me and what they did for me. I was too stubborn, arrogant, and proud to realize what they were trying to accomplish with me. They were trying to tell me I didn’t have to live like that anymore. They were carrying a message, a message that ultimately saved my life.

Everybody has someone like this in their life that they wish would change for the better. Regardless if we disapprove of this person’s lifestyle, we have no actual control over them deciding to make those necessary changes. So, does that mean we give up and let this person continuously self-sabotage their own lives? The answer is no, but there is only so much that we can do as a person looking from the outside.

We should never stop trying to support people that so desperately need help and require change in their lives. We just have to remind ourselves that we can’t physically make someone want to change. Instead, we can be a leader, we can be an example of how to live a better life, and we can constantly carry the message. This message, in whichever form it takes, can provide hope and a promise of freedom that can eventually lead to a better way of life full of happiness, joy, and peace.

Ultimately, this decision to change lies in the hands, the mind, and the heart of the person that needs to make a change. Once we truly recognize this, we can free ourselves of any false burdens we may place upon ourselves for not being able to make someone want to transform their lives. We always have to remember that we can’t force someone to change or get better. We can only carry the message, we cannot carry the person.

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