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School Well-Being Program

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Sample Yoga Class
Grades: 6 - 8 


How do I work with my emotions and feelings?

Time In (Breathing):
5 - 10 minutes
Ocean Breath
Ocean Breath is a cleansing breath that allows you to let go of undesired emotions or feelings.

5 - 10 minutes
Are emotions sensations?

What different emotions do I have?

Distinguish physical sensations from emotional feelings. Record different emotions on chart paper such as fear, anger, happiness, surprise, and ambivalence. Emotions are nervous system reactions in response to our interpretations of experiences. Brainstorm reactions to various emotions such as crying, laughing, eating, or withdrawing.


Discuss the possibility of observing without reacting. Propose the idea that humans have the ability to choose whether or not to react to feelings or sensations. Ask students to notice, observe, and let emotions pass. Point out that all things come and go.

Warm Up:
15 - 20 minutes
Sun Salutations A (3 times)

Yoga Postures:
20 - 30 minutes
Rock, Table, Cow, Cat, Downward Dog, Ragdoll, Mountain, Warrior I (right side), Warrior II (right side), Reverse Warrior (right side), Star, Warrior I (left side), Warrior II (left side), Reverse Warrior (left side), Folding Star, Mountain, Pyramid, Downward Dog, Rock, Sailboat, Staff, Seated Forward Fold

Partner Work:
5 - 10 minutes
Double Boat

15 - 20 minutes


15 - 20 minutes

Journal Entry – “Feelings”

Over the next few days, record five physical feelings or sensations you have, positive or negative. Write five physical feelings in one column. In the secondcolumn, write a word that describes an emotional feeling that corresponds with your physical feeling.

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